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10 Fun Facts About the Yorkshire Creamery

10 Fun Facts About the Yorkshire Creamery

  1. Our sister company is The Wensleydale Creamery; we both take pride in the quality of our cheese and where our milk comes from.
  2. One of our farmers favourite cows is called ‘Beyoncé’ – she’s a bit of a diva and loves a good scratch.
  3. ‘Cheese-day’ is our favourite day of the week – keep an eye out on our social media pages to find out why…you will soon love it too!
  4. Are you cheese bored? Take a stand against bland. We don’t do dull. We make cheeses that smack your taste buds and win awards. Cheese that tastes like it ought to!
  5. You’ll hear us talking about a ‘crunch’ in our cheese – yes, cheese really can have a crunch! We mature some of our cheeses for up to 15 months to develop the special crunch!
  6. Want to know another secret about our cheese? Yorkshire Milk. Our cheese would be nothing without Yorkshire milk and our milk owes its quality to the lush meadows on which our farmers’ cows graze. So, yes, our cheese is ‘made in Yorkshire’. But ‘made by Yorkshire’ might be more accurate.
  7. You have to thank the ‘cream team’ for that smack in the taste buds you get when you try our cheese. They oversee everything and their knowledge, expertise and attention to detail ensures that every cheese is top-notch.
  8. Believe it or not…we don’t feed our cows carrots to get that orange flavour in our Yorkshire Red – that’s a natural food colouring derived from the seeds of the achiote tree…fancy!
  9. We don’t own a flat cap or a whippet, but we are partial to a good cup of Yorkshire Tea. Slurping is necessary.
  10. Want to make a dish with ‘Grate’ Expectations? Here at the Yorkshire Creamery we love food to taste like it ought to. Head to our inspiration page to find how you can give some of your classic dishes a bit of umph and help take your meals up a notch.