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One Big Family

Meet our farmers – the best in their field.

The Yorkshire Creamery sits at the heart of a tightly-knit farming community. Dairy farming is a way of life for these skilled, hardworking people and their passion for their produce is reflected in the quality of their milk.


Many of the farmers we work with have been herding cows for generations. They’re often family businesses with herds roughly half the size of the national average. By supporting a strong, sustainable future for them and their families, we’re protecting a unique local farming culture.

The Cream of Yorkshire Milk

There are worse ways to spend your days than wandering through sweeping limestone pastures in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. But that’s the life our local cows enjoy as they eat the sweet, lush grass that gives our products their rich flavour. Smaller herds mean cows get more care and attention, and being happier all round might explain why they produce such tasty milk!

A Labour of Love

You might dream of waking up in a Yorkshire farmhouse and spending your days working outdoors in beautiful scenery with animals as gentle and inquisitive as dairy cows. But being a dairy farmer isn't easy. Its a 365 days a year vocation that takes dedication and passion to be up before 5am, with the second milking often keeping them busy until after 8pm.

Freshness Matters

We need our milk to be as fresh as possible to make the best quality cheese, so we collect it from local farms every single day. Cows don't stop producing milk for Bank Holidays either, so whatever the weather and whatever the date, we're there to make sure this exceptional milk reaches the Creamery at its peak.