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5 reasons to love autumn

5 reasons to love autumn

What does autumn mean? Dark evenings, dark mornings, colder weather? Not to us! For us, autumn never lets you down like unpredictable summer weather and the hope for sun. For us autumn means snuggling up in front of the fire, comfort food, conkers and falling golden leaves. There’s not one thing not to love about autumn, not one! Go on, here, have some more reasons why we love autumn…a lot!

  1. Spending a Cosy Night In
    Summer has gone and so has the need to run to pub at the first sight of sun. We now have the perfect excuse to spend a cosy night in, in front of the fire with our best friend…the blanket. Being inside on cold dark evenings really lets you enjoy the simple pleasures of life; a good cup of tea, reading a book, cheese toasties and binge watching a full series on Netflix with no guilt. Hygee, huggee, cheesy…ahh!
  2. Hearty Autumn Dishes
    Let’s have away with soggy salads and burnt barbequed food, it’s time for some proper hearty comfort dishes. If you know us, you’ll know that we can incorporate cheese into almost anything, and we all know the ingredient is cheese. Where do we begin? Shepherd’s Pie topped with Yorkshire Cheddar. Aberdeen Angus Beef Burger with melted Yorkshire Red served in a Brioche Bun. Or perhaps a lasagne made with creamy Double Yorkshire? Don’t worry, baggy jumpers will hide the ‘treat yourself’ season that is autumn.
  3. Colourful Autumn Countryside Walks
    Autumn means its time to get your wellies out. Autumn really brings joy to the simplistic countryside walk. Put your chunky knit jumper on, wrap up in a coat and the enjoy the sun in the crisp air. The golden leaves falling off the trees makes us here at the Yorkshire Creamery, feel very lucky to live in the heart of the countryside. Especially when there’s big piles of leaves to jump into, conkers to collect and a hot chocolate to go home to at the end of it.
  4. Halloween
    Now let’s not forget what Autumn all is about; Halloween. We don’t hear a lot of ghostly ‘oooooo’ around here but me do hear a lot of ‘moooooo’s’. However, this doesn’t mean we don’t love to put a scary costume on and go trick or treating, apple bobbing or carve a pumpkin. Although, Halloween doesn’t have to be all about sweets, we know, boring; but why not try making your own cheese straw witches’ fingers, cheesy puff-pastry eyeballs or stuffed pepper Halloween lanterns.
  5. One step closer to Christmas
    We can hear a muffled ‘its Christmassssss’ in the distance and we couldn’t be more excited. Just around the corner lies Christmas adverts, Christmas shopping, Christmas markets, Christmas songs, Christmas Carol Services, anything Christmas we’re looking forward to it. Autumn just means that we are one step closer to the most important thing about Christmas, the food. Watch out for our blogs on Christmas recipes that are full of flavour which taste how food ought to.