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Meet Glynis, the cheekiest cow around!

Meet Glynis, the cheekiest cow around!

As you know, smaller herds mean cows get more care and attention, and being happier all round might explain why they produce such tasty milk! It also means we can get to know our cows even more!

Glynis, one of the oldest yet cheekiest cows at The Dent’s Farm is always up to no good.

Clever Glynis, from a young age has always been inquisitive, confident and loveable! However, over the past couple of years, she’s acquired a new skill…learning how to open the milking parlour door with the help of her nose and (pretty large – sorry Glynis) head! She knows if she can get into the parlour, she can enjoy an afternoon of eating ‘cake’! ‘Cake’ or dairy feed is high protein, energy, vitamin and mineral supplement – which helps cows to milk well, remain healthy & stay fully nourished… and Glynis loves it! Sometimes she’s in there for hours and times it just right so that we don’t notice!

Glynis also loves to cool off at the water trough, not by drinking it, but by standing her front two legs
in it. It takes two of the farmers to help get her out!