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National Cheese Toastie Day

National Cheese Toastie Day

 We’re launching a national day this month to celebrate the mighty cheese toastie!

Cheese toasties are undeniably one of the nation’s favourite comfort foods – delicious cheese wrapped in a blanket of crispy golden bread and cut into perfectly nostalgic triangles – nothing hits the spot quite like a cheese toastie.

Americans have their grilled cheese, the French have the Croque monsieur but Brits have the king of them all, the mighty cheese toastie! It’s claimed that people have been enjoying this dish in one way or another since Ancient Roman times and it’s brought comfort to many for generations before us, so it’s about time it got the recognition it deserves as we celebrate one of our finest dishes with its own dedicated National Cheese Toastie Day (27th October).

Each year, on 27th October, We’re inviting the nation to celebrate its love for the mighty cheese toastie. Dust off your toastie machine, dig out your grill pan or whip out your toastie bags and get ready to cook up the ultimate snack.

Whether you’re enjoying it with fan-favourite fillings such as cheddar, ham, tomato and chutney, dunking it in soup or dipping it in mustard, it’s time to give this age-old snack the recognition it deserves.

We’re launching National Cheese Toastie Day to continue our promise to take a stand against bland and deliver great-tasting dairy products that ‘taste like they ought to’! So grab one of our delicious cheeses (Extra Mature Yorkshire Cheddar, Yorkshire Red and Double Yorkshire) and our rich and creamy Yorkshire Butter and let’s #ToastieTogether.

It’s our mission to make every day lunches that little bit special with products that take a stand again the bland. Since we launched our range of award-winning cheese last year, we’ve been inviting the nation to toastie together with us and been overwhelmed by the nation’s love for the mighty cheese toastie. So much so that we’ve decided to etch toasties into our history with a dedicated day to recognise this delicious cheesy delicacy every year. We want to celebrate one of the nation’s favourite comfort foods and bring people together to share recipes, chef inspiration and new insight on toastie trends. We hope you’ll dust off your toastie maker and join us!